Tuesday, 11 November 2014

BURBERRY | My Burberry Eau de Parfum

I think everybody knows by now that I am a perfume fanatic!  But it may come as a surprise that I have never owned a Burberry perfume before.  I'm not sure why, as I have smelt them on many occasions, but to me they just don't usually do anything for me.  There was a lot of hype around Burberry Body and I really wanted to like it, but it was just too skin close for me and not long lasting.  For this reason, I wasn't interested in the release of My Burberry a few months ago.  I hadn't even been tempted to smell it as I had assumed it just wouldn't be for me.  It wasn't until I was in the Burberry Flagship store during a little trip to London that I picked it up.  I smelt it straight from the bottle, turned my nose up at it and put it back down.  I remember saying to my boyfriend that I loved the bottle top which looks like a giant button from their Trench coats but that the scent was too sharp and floral.  A couple of minutes later I was hunted down by a very enthusiastic sales assistant who insisted on spraying the perfume on my hand before I'd had a chance to say that I was already wearing perfume and I didn't like to mix (I'm not sure that would have stopped her either though)!  She was babbling on about how the fragrance is inspired by a London garden after the rain or something and to be honest I had no interest at all because it all sounded so cliche!  I was polite and said that I couldn't really stop and chat as I was in a bit of a rush, but as I stepped out of the store I stopped to smell my hand and I actually loved the fragrance!  It smelt entirely different to how it did in the bottle and it transformed into a very floral, but warm and slightly sweet scent.  It sort of reminded me of Chanel Chance and Dior J'Adore; both fragrances I enjoy but the only floral fragrances I've ever not felt are too "old" or boring on me, but it also had something that felt a little special in it that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

I gave it half an hour and still couldn't stop smelling my hand so I headed into Harrods and decided to pick up the small 30ml bottle as a treat to remind myself of the trip each time I wear it.  This retails at £45 which is quite pricey for a 30ml fragrance but isn't outrageously priced.  Unfortunately they had sold out of this size so I just *had* to get the 50ml which was a little out of my budget at £65 as I have so many perfumes already, but I had decided I needed it in my collection!  Luckily for me it came with a large makeup bag which fits all of my makeup in and they threw in 7 sample sized freebies as an apology for selling out of the size I really wanted!  

The notes in this fragrance are sweet pea, bergamot, geranium leaf, quince and freesia which dry down into patchouli and roses.  I am not usually a fan of rose, but in this it is amazing!  It's really fresh and not overwhelming or cloying.  I think it is the quince in the fragrance that gives it that something special; a sweetness that isn't commonly found in perfumes but is so soft and gentle and comforting, and stops the perfume being too powdery and floral without turning it into a fruity mess.  The top notes can start off a bit sharp but they develop so beautifully and become lovely warm and creamy.  This is now my favourite fragrance and I'm actually grateful to that sales lady for forcing me to give it a chance!  And another thing?  It lasts for ages!  Honestly, this stuff lasts 10 hours plus on my skin without the need for touch ups.  This is so unheard of in fragrances and I really did not expect it from Burberry as all of their other fragrances are quite short lived in their sillage and projection.  What I really like too, is that it is not over the top and too powerful when it is first applied, it is consistent with its sillage.

I can see this one staying in my collection, it makes a great every day scent and is fast becoming my new signature.  I would say that it's lovely for the colder weather we are having at the moment but if sprayed with a lighter hand I think this would also be cool and fresh for the warmer months.  It's 
longevity means it is a fragrance that can be worn day or night, and I'm already eyeing up the rest of 
the range so that I can constantly smell of this and only this!  I also love the bottle so much!  It's really heavy and sits perfectly on my dressing table.  The cute tie of the trench coat material around the neck finishes it off perfectly.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this fragrance too!

G x

Saturday, 8 November 2014

LUSH | Snow Fairy Shower Gel

It's that glorious time of year again when Lush bring out some amazing limited edition products and also bring back the infamous Snow Fairy!  I have loved the smell of this shower gel for as a long as I can remember and every year I get excited about its release and feel so sad after Christmas when it unfortunately disappears until the following Christmas!

I popped into my local Lush store for the first time in a while and immediately ran over to the Snow Fairy section!  This year I think the pink is a little darker and the scent seems even stronger - amazing!  I initially was going to buy the smaller 100ml bottle for £3.75 but then changed my mind and got the medium sized 250ml for £7.50 instead!  It will last me longer and for double the price you get 150% more!  There's also a huge 500ml available for £11.95!  I know a lot of people that say they enjoy Lush products but can't justify spending that much on small items, but to me the price is totally worth it.  The scents that Lush produce are completely unlike anything else on the market and you can't find dupes for Lush anywhere - nothing else compares!  A little goes a long way; the scents last for ages on your skin and always bring a smile, plus all products are vegetarian with many even being vegan and produced using ingredients that have never and will never be tested on animals.  What's there not to love about Lush?!

Another thing that I absolutely adore about Lush is that the sales assistants in there are amazing.  Every time I go into the Lincoln store I get chatting to them and they're so helpful, friendly and just lovely people.  On this occassion I spoke to Lisa, who I have seen a few times in there, and she filled me in on all the new products that also smell like Snow Fairy and talked me through some of the other limited edition products.  Honestly, I could have bought the whole store but I was a budget and just looking for a little treat for partner and I in our current house before the stress of moving to a new house beings next weekend!  Lisa was so friendly and even said that if I need any other boxes for my move then I could collect some from Lush before they go out for recycling, which I thought was amazing - not many stores are so generous!  I'm sure I will take her up on the offer and end up buying a whole hoard of items to keep me smelling amazing in my new home too!  Our new house unfortunately doesn't have a bath though, and my partner loves baths so I picked him up a "Shoot For The Stars" bathbomb - which unfortunately was tossed in the bath before I could get a picture as he was so pleased!  I did get a look at the bath though and it turned the water an amazing inky blue colour with glitter!  I had tried to pick a bathbomb that didn't smell too feminine and I hadn't realised it had glitter in it - but he didn't mind too much; he agreed that the glitter swirling around in the dark water really did look like stars in the night sky!  It smelt divine too and apparently shares its scent with the "Honey I Washed The Kids" line.

I'm saving my Snow Fairy to open next weekend, but I can't stop sniffing it!  It's so glittery and delicious and I know from experience that it leaves your skin smelling sweet and lovely all day.  I think I am going to enjoy using this shower gel especially on days when I plan to wear either my Angel or Flower Bomb perfume!

I had a great trip to Lush and will no doubt be making my way down there again next week.  I am almost out of my Seanik shampoo bar so I may pick another one up.  Oh, and just a heads up for anyone who likes their shampoo bars; they're bringing out 6 more at the end of November and one shares its scent with the very popular "Rose Jam" shower gel!  I seriously cannot wait!

G x

Monday, 21 July 2014

My Going Out Essentials | D&G, Clarins, Maybelline & Revlon Beauties!

So last week I went on a little dinner date with my Boyfriend to a cute Italian restaurant in Lincoln.  We don't get to go out very much anymore, but when we do I like to dress up and have a few staple beauty products that seem to work for me!

First up is my Clarins Paris Instant Liner in 01 Black.  This is my favourite liquid eyeliner ever!  It comes with a skinny felt nib that is very easy to use.  It's the blackest of black and super quick drying which means I don't get it all over my eyelids!  It's easy to handle and is simple to achieve a straight line and a classic flick.  It lasts all night and is quite stubborn to remove so it doesn't smudge or run - even if you get watery eyes like I do!  I do recommend an oil-based eye makeup remover to get this off though!

My Dolce & Gabbana "The One" perfume is my go-to evening scent.  It's a lovely Vanilla based fragrance, with fruity and floral notes including Jasmine (my favourite).  To me, it quite a deep scent that is definitely more suited to evening wear.  The vanilla in it isn't cloying and it is long lasting and not too sweet, which is why I love it so much.  The bottle sits very nicely on my dressing table too and I love the heavy gold lid!  It's not the kind of bottle you can carry in your handbag for top-ups, but it lasts a good 10 hours on my skin so you really don't need a top-up!

For a dinner date, I still like to have a bright lip, but find that even long-lasting lipsticks can start to fade on my lips due to the oils and greases that tend to be on  food.  This Revlon Lip Butter in Watermelon is perfect for going out for a meal as it is super moisturising, gives a good colour that lasts, but also wears off evenly and can be re-applied without having to spend ages trying to get it straight and perfect!  I love that I don't have to keep worrying about whether my lipstick is still perfect, if it's on my teeth, or if I've managed to smudge it all around my face in a clown-like manner!  

Lastly, I love a good red nail.  This Maybelline one is my favourite because it lasts about 5 days without chipping (althought it says up to 7 days wear) and isn't too bright.  It is a rich, dark red that is also my go-to for the Autumn and Winter months.  It helps my nails stay strong and prevents them from breaking and also helps to stop me picking and biting at them!

What are you going out essentials?

G x

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Lincoln Soap Company | Bath Eggs

So there's this beautiful little soap shop in Lincoln, up in the Bailgate out completely out of the way.  I have been in a few times and it's so lovely; all of the soaps are shaped like cake slices and cupcakes so when you walk past the window it looks like a cake shop!  If you live in or near Lincoln and haven't been to it, I highly suggest you do!  They make lots of soap products including bath bombs which are my boyfriend's favourite thing at the moment so I nipped in to pick him up a few treats!  There are so many products to choose from I knew I would find him something, but I didn't want it to be too girly so I tried to steer clear of the big pink cupcake bath bombs!  That was when I noticed their Bath Eggs; little bath bombs that were shaped like eggs and came in a cute little egg box!  They had 6 different flavours/scents at the time so I picked one of each up!

I thought that they were so cute and perfect as a little gift!  They were priced at £1 each which is a total bargain, but if you bought 6 you got them for £5 so I couldn't not fill my egg box completely!  The scents were quite different to other bath bombs I've tried as well and smelt wonderful!  The scents were as follows:
Blue - Blueberry
Green - Mango
Red - Cherry
White - Coconut
Yellow - Lemon
Orange - Peach and Apricot

The cherry was my favourite so my boyfriend let me have that one!  I thought it was really unusual to have a mango and coconut scented bath eggs too so these were especially well received!  The eggs turned the bath water the same colour as they looked, so the blue and green ones made lovely smelling baths that resembled the clear blue sea we're used to seeing on holiday in hot countries!  My cherry bath egg turned my water a gorgeous bright pink, which felt very girly!  Although I have to admit when I saw the water after my boyfriend dropped his lemon scented egg into it did look a little...icky!  (Perhaps bath water should just never be yellow!)

These little eggs fizzed up great, smelt delicious and turned the water a lovely colour.  Unfortunately they didn't create any bubbles, but not many bath bombs do so that is okay with me.  Personally, I'd rather have a bubblebath, but for a bit of a fun these are great.  Plus they make good little gifts and are a a total bargain when you compare their prices to other bath bombs!

Have you visited The Lincoln Soap Shop?

G x